Wednesday, 23 April 2014


1. YES: If you require access in and out of Horwich via Chorley New Road, the Beehive, Mason Street, Vale Avenue, Crown Lane or the A6
2. YES. If you have children and want them to go to a either a primary or secondary school in Horwich. People from Blackrod may well find that Rivington Blackrod High School & St Joesph’s High Schools are closed to them within a decade (Welcome to Wigan)!
3. YES. If you need a doctors appointment!
4. YES. if you have a retail business in Horwich town centre.
5. YES. If you want sports fields to play on.
6. YES. If you have concerns about pollution from 3000-5000 extra cars coming into Horwich. Remember, Horwich sits within a natural bowl with hills either side which traps emissions from cars and other airborne pollutants.
7. YES. If you are concerns about developers ripping the heritage heart of Horwich just so they can make more money.
8. YES. If you have concerns about how Labour councillors have followed party lines and their masters in Bolton rather than stick by the people they represent.
You need to act now to make sure that this development works in the best interests of Horwich, not the developers nor Bolton Council.

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