Thursday, 24 April 2014


It appears that another developer is holding a Planning Exhibition at the RMI for a separate development on the LOCO WORKS - Very late notice and I gather from all those I’ve spoken to not very well promoted... Sounds familiar !

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


These are the published figures from the 2013 Draft Allocation Plan from Bolton Council for land set aside for Housing Development. 

Well it appears to me that Horwich is taking an unfair and disproportionate burden for Bolton’s Core Plann
ing Strategy - without any promise of resources... There are approximately 3,559 homes allocated for this area. That equates approximately to 8,000 extra people and 4,500 cars.

Housing allocations by district:

Horwich & Blackrod: 3,559
Westhoughton: 461
Farnworth: 777
Little Lever and Kearsley: 552
Breightmet: 551
Inner Bolton: 1885
West Bolton: 132
North Bolton: 412
Breightmet: 521


As you can see from the map, you can see the extent of the demolition of the Loco Works. (highlighted in PINK).

However, those parts that are being proposed to be kept (highlighted GREY) haven’t any cast iron guarantees to save them. If we do not do anything, the developers will have their way and wipe away the heritage core of what made Horwich.

Remember a flattened site has more value to the developers which means 100’s more extra home on top of the 1700 already earmarked!

So if you can, get in touch with Horwich Heritage and give them your support in any way you can. They are so far the only ones who are campaigning to save your heritage. Sadly they are a single voice against the might of the developers and Bolton Council.


The Health and Safety Executive have put a stop on any demolition of the buildings on the Loco Works site until all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.

The facts are as follows, on Tuesday I received a phone call from the Environment Agency, who thanked me for getting the HSE to intervene in the whole Rivington Chase, Loco Works scenario. It transpires that besides their initial stopping of any demolition work and the hastily convened meeting with all interested parties to thrash out the correct way forward, they (HSE) had a site visit again on Monday. Present were HSE representatives, Environment Agency representatives and people wearing “Stetsons,” having listened to what was supposed to be happening, the HSE told them to go away and re-think the situation. By getting accredited firms involved in the inspection of the buildings, after which the HSE want to know the methodology to be used to demolish the buildings, meeting the correct legislation, including COSHH regulations to further protect near bye workers.

Only after all this criteria meets with the satisfaction of the HSE, will any demolition be allowed.

Result for people power. 


Just as a footnote to everything else that is going on, I was reminded that not only is Horwich going to have to cope with additional vehicles from the Loco Works 1700 Housing development but the site is also earmarked for 7,000 offices spaces... With this type of commercial development how many extra commuters travelling into Horwich by car will this bring on a daily basis? ... And lets not forget the addition draft planning for a further 1,859 house in and around Horwich... that’s an awful lot of cars and vans!


1. YES: If you require access in and out of Horwich via Chorley New Road, the Beehive, Mason Street, Vale Avenue, Crown Lane or the A6
2. YES. If you have children and want them to go to a either a primary or secondary school in Horwich. People from Blackrod may well find that Rivington Blackrod High School & St Joesph’s High Schools are closed to them within a decade (Welcome to Wigan)!
3. YES. If you need a doctors appointment!
4. YES. if you have a retail business in Horwich town centre.
5. YES. If you want sports fields to play on.
6. YES. If you have concerns about pollution from 3000-5000 extra cars coming into Horwich. Remember, Horwich sits within a natural bowl with hills either side which traps emissions from cars and other airborne pollutants.
7. YES. If you are concerns about developers ripping the heritage heart of Horwich just so they can make more money.
8. YES. If you have concerns about how Labour councillors have followed party lines and their masters in Bolton rather than stick by the people they represent.
You need to act now to make sure that this development works in the best interests of Horwich, not the developers nor Bolton Council.